FIG - I find the fig tree to be an amazing thing. An ancient tree species that has been around for millions of years. The fig tree in the rainforest supplies food and nutrients to so many different species of's kind of the mother tree. The all giving all supplying Mother Earth tree. The Fig also spreads like crazy, it can latch onto a host tree, grow its roots up it, take it over, until the host tree is no more and the fig has taken its place.

The fig has been referred to in many different religions and has always had some sort of spiritual meaning in one case or another.

I have found it to be a metaphor of some sorts. I like to consider the "FIG" name referring to "spreading the love" if you will. Just as the tree supplies nutrients and food to so many, I feel I can spread my artwork out to many, that can hopefully bring some happiness and "food for the soul" kind of thing.

Overall, to me...FIG refers to the Fig tree, the supplier, the giver, the mother. The connectedness of all things, the oneness that surrounds us and is us. Just as the tree benefits from the animals, and the animals from the tree....we can benefit from giving what we can to as many people as we can (in my case, artwork) and the people receiving it can enjoy it in their lives. It's a win win.

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